Discover Where, When, and Who is Targeting Your Online Assets 


Add a Powerful Protection Layer Over Your Existing Network Security Infrastructure

Stay Ahead of CyberCriminals and Protect your Company or Organization from Intellectual Property Theft, Spying by Malicious Actors and Infrastructure Sabotage

  • Resilient CyberDefense for Your Company or Organization
  • Solution Coexists with Current Network Security Infrastructure
  • Increase Your Chances Against All Types of Targeted and Un-Targeted CyberAttacks
  • Deploy and Protect Your Assets In Record Time
  • Avoid Network Performance Degradation
  • Get Realtime Full-Spectrum Threat Awareness
  • Ease of Billing & Management in a Single DaaS (Device as a Service) Subscription

Introducing the Aeon CyberDefense Appliance

Easy to install and extremely effective, it defends your networks against the most complex cyberattacks from Day One. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of your Company IT Infrastructure in order to add a powerful layer of protection and cyber-threat awareness to unprecedented levels.


We have all your Attack Surfaces covered:


Don’t let Cyber-Incidents make bad news of your Company or Organization. Stay Ahead of Current and Future CyberAttackers and Protect your Online Assets Effectively.



“With Aeon CyberDefense Services we have been able to analyze in depth the network of our company, identify threats and discover our real Cybersecurity needs”

Fernando Vázquez – CIO at Factorías Vulcano S.A.

“After carrying out the PoC with Aeon CyberDefense products/services, we have seen that the analysis and detection capabilities are well above the average. Its graphical interface provides information in a clear and simple way. It has been very easy for us to deal with the Aeon CyberDefense team, the knowledge of the threats detected and their solutions has been very helpful.”

Head of Systems and Computing – (Classified) Technological Research Center

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